They’re Not Just Games…

…they’re learning adventures.

Adroit Studio games are developed based upon research-based strategies and have

Too many learning games in our industry (also called serious games) don’t actually help people learn effectively. Usually game strategies don’t support students in ways that will allow them to remember and apply what they learn, either because their graphics are distractingly bad, the storyline doesn’t encourage students to keep going, or the mechanics don’t teach them in a way that they will actually remember what they learn.

But we believe you shouldn’t sacrifice anything when it comes to helping people learn. That’s why we use the same tech that high-budget blockbuster games like Fortnight use, and incorporate powerful, research-backed mechanics that are proven to help people learn.

We build game-based experiences for institutions and companies to take their teaching methods to the next level

Are you a university studying how people can learn more effectively? An institution needing to gamify your curriculum? A company needing a better way to train your staff? Adroit Studios can help.

Having worked with multiple Universities, Funding Agencies, School Districts, and Educational Enterprises; we have the know-how to take your project from funding to finish.