A great learning game has a few ingredients…

  • It should be a game that makes learning a new subject easy for students!

  • An effective learning game takes players on a compelling adventure.

  • Students shouldn’t feel like they’re being quizzed or tested.

  • People usually enjoy learning if it’s like a game they already enjoy.

And then there’s the execution…

  • How much is it going to cost to produce the game?

  • How do we build a game that meets your learning goal?

  • Will we meet the completion deadline for our project?

We know how to take a game from concept to completion – all while using cutting-edge industry standards.

The Magic of Building Games

Our work is half art and storyline, half science and code.

In all great games, you’re the hero of the story. You’re faced with a new environment, presented with challenges, and you have to find your way to success.

Learning games are no different. Do it right, and the learner won’t feel like they’re being tested – they’re just enjoying the journey.

Moving through the grant process?

We will use our academic and business network to help you know where to go for funding, and how to get it. We’ll also determine how much work the project will take and how much it will cost to meet your learning goals. Later, we’ll help you prototype your idea so that funders can have a clearer understanding of what you’re going for. Once your funded, we’ll help bring your game to completion.

We can help you move through the process no matter where you’re currently at: from formulating your goals and designing your game, to creating a functional prototype for further funding, and finally, fully developing the game.


You have an idea but no funding yet.


You have internal funding.


You’re fully funded.


Communicate How Games may be able to help you: What is the potential and limitations of game development?

Analyze Project Requirements And Estimate Cost

Define Scope of Work

Scope depends on game size, complexity, length, mechanics, engagement level, graphic quality, genre and device (iPad, etc)

Draft a Scenario: Rough Description of How The Interaction Will Happen

Apply For Internal Funding: Small Seed Funding will allow for initial development and User Testing


Concept the Look and Feel of the Game

Define Specific Learning Objectives

Brainstorm Gameplay Mechanics

Develop Interactive Prototype

Conduct User Experience Testing

Apply For External Funding: Larger Funding will Allow us to Develop and Test the Full Potential of a Concept


Develop Stable Scalable Infrastructure: Includes logging pipeline for research and teacher dashboard

Iterate Through Prototyping Stage for Every Major Content Area of the Game

Polish Experience: Voice acting and audio-visual effects to make the game more effective and engaging

Conduct Classroom testing: Determine how the game works in real world contexts

Optimize the Game based on Classroom Conditions

Conduct Experimental Research to Validate and Evaluate Learning

Scale up or distribute the project

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