User Experience

We ensure high engagement and ease of use through extensive UX Testing throughout the development process. It is never to early to engage target users for formative feedback on design decisions.

By Utilizing the latest in Psychophysiology Sensors we are able to quantifiably corroborate our qualitative observations and discussions of their reactions to game based experiences.

Randomized Control Trials

We ensure impact validity and distribution feasibility through a series of “in-situ” testing. This guarantees the project is effective and technologically accessible for the target audience before completion.

Throughout project testing we produce training manuals as well as an admin dashboard to help guide new users through the experience. We also generate and distribute any necessary reports for stakeholders.

Learning Analytics

By collecting various logs detailing player’s actions, decisions, and outcomes from large numbers of players we can determine patterns of success as well as patterns of various difficulties students may encounter. These can be used to trigger in game bonus missions or extra support and out of game notifications to admins for possible followup action.



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